Vintage Christmas Trimmings

Christmas war bondsThe vintage christmas was really a blast

With lovely stuff from times long past

There were vaccums and household goods galore

And lot’s of crafts on  sale at the local store

There were war bonds to keep the family afloat

And money loaned out on a promisory notehoover

You knew you could trust the people next door

Helping your neighbour was an unspoken law

The fridge was well stocked with Christmas cheer

tVintage-Christmas-christmaso feed the same guests year after year

The Christmas pressies set round the tree

And children prepared to wait and see

what was inside the nicely wrapped box

Maybe a toy car or a pair of socks

In vintage times they didn’t want so much

Didn’t need to be constantly tuned and in touch

Able to converse when meeting face to faceChristmas romance

Happy to be in a communal space

Vintage is so much more than a trendy phase

It is really a yearning for better days

So make your Christmas this year a vintage one

And have yourself some merry Christmas fun.

© Renee Dallow ( HybiscusBloom ) 3/12/2013

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