The feast of Christmas

Nat King Cole, Danny Kaye

How many of us over planned for Christmas?  How many started shopping in November and already had trees up and lights set before December had even started?  Why do we do this?  Because we want to feel the overwhelming joy that is supposed to come and make our hum drum lives brighter for a set period of time.  Expectations are high and everyone is in a hurry to buy the turkey,send the cards,wrap the pressies and prepare the feast.

Christmas in Chicago 50s

Those who don’t have a Christmas feast to prepare are waiting to be invited to one with family or friends.  It’s all about getting but what about the giving?  The smiles on the faces of children are what it should be all about.

The toys have changed over the years and become more sophisticated and more expensive but essentially it’s all the same.  All around the Christmas tree the the boxes wrapped in colour paper and ribbon wait to be opened by anxious eager little hands.  To the children those toys represent more than just something to play with. They mean that someone cares.

The gift of giving is what matters.  If you can’t afford to give  presents then give your time and if you don’t have a feast to plan or go to find one in your heart.  The more you give the more good will come and that is the real meaning of Christmas.  Peace and good will to all mankind.

Christmas morning

Renee Dallow ( Hybiscus Bloom ) 10/12/2013



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