Redecorate in Retro

50s red dress
1950s kids rm

home to retroThis is the time of year for for starting afresh.  Out with the old and in with the new.  This includes self image, finding the right partner and re decorating your home.  It’samazing how much is thrown out onto the street at this time of year.
Clothes, furniture, bric-a-brac and the odd ex.  Notice no-one throws out retro anymore?  That’s because it’s the new vogue.
 Lot’s of bright colours and practical storage design.Your kitchen could probably do with a new coat of paint and duck egg blue seems to be all the rage. 50s kitchen 3 As for the livingroom.  How bout curved lounge suites and egg chairs.   Hey what is it with eggs? Well it’s all about renewal which is really a kind of rebirth.  How bout a bathroom in yellow ,green and pink. green,pink yellow bathroom Now there’s an interesting colour combo.  Bet the man of the house would just love that.  The bedroom of course would have his and hers matching twin beds. Very chic indeed.   Overall your new vogue house  should be bright and cheerful just as you intend your life to be in the new year ahead.twin set  If something is not working for you and doesn’t make you smile then change it.  Retro is back because it was always better.  In retro there is art and in art there is love.  We cannot create if we cannot love and vice versa.  So when you redocorate your home  you are redecorating your life.  What’s wrong with a little decoration?  Think about it.

  Bloom in the New Year for 2014!

© Hybiscus Bloom 6/1/14

george having a kronenbourg in egg chair


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