Mixed Beans ( The Humble Coffee Bean ) by Renee Dallow

cafe niagra

Mixed Beans are a threat to everyday life

And you’re too spoiled for choice

Conflicting wants are causing strife

You seem to have lost your voice

Cafe de Paris

When mocca get’s mixed with latte

Things get out of hand

Barbied chops meet chicken sate

Not exactly bland


How dare they change the way you think

Introduce new fare

But now you’re afraid to create a stink

In case they start to stare

niagaracafe Gundagai

Those beans who won’t adhere to type

Who won’t blend in with you

Just love to revel in all the hype

When forced to accept the new

Gundagai Niagra cafe

Drink your short black when you’re told

Never try to add more cream

Don’t leave yourself standing out in the cold

Come on in and join the team

The Olympia

And when you feel theurge to speak out

Chanting  all mixed beans must go

Excuse yourself as just one more ignorant lout

Not really much in the know

Deco coffee Brazil

Just like you mixed beans have rights

To live and work and play

And when you are sound asleep at nights

Mixed beans face a brand new day.


©  Renee Dallow ( Hybiscus Bloom ) 7/1/2014


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