Love and marriage 50s style

1950s wedding  VogueThe wedding dress was decidedly pretty and feminine with lot’s of lovely tule.  The bride was always elegant too.  She wore gloves which were removed when rings were exchanged and she wore a shorter veil.  The covers of Vogue and Harpers Bazaar which often featured brides , as getting married while still extremely young, was the epitome of high achievement for girls of the 50s. 1950 wedding Hapers Bazaar It is the same today but the major difference is in how long the marriage lasts.  Values have changed much over the decades and so have lifestyle choices.  As it is no longer possible to survive on one wage couples have to work which means less time for each other.  In the 1950s the tradition was that the wife stayed at home while the man brought home the wages and dolled out what he felt was the correct amount for house keeping.  Her role was to support him in every decision he made. But during the honeymoon the world was her oyster.  He took care of her and settled all the bills.  The roles were very clearly defined from very early in the piece.  He was in charge and she made him look cream ad  Society expected a man to be supportive  his wife for all his days.  The wife was expected to play her part by having his children and attending to the house.  It was not her role to interfere with his job or with his daily business affairs.  so deep in loveThis is why secretaries were in such high demand. There are reasons for stereotypes though as it was not uncommon for the secretary to  run away with the husband.  Cruising was as popular then as it is now for people running away from something or some-one for a short period of time.  Flying too was alot more glamorous and not as stressful as it is today.  What a shame so many airlines have gone to ground.  At the time of writing this 5,000 jobs have been lost at Quantas.  Flying this airline was once a treat with wonderful service  and comfortable seats.  The stewards anticipated the passengers every whim even in economy class and the hostesses gave out little airline kits with socks and toothpaste along with sweets. All was top of the line from baggage handlers to those who refuelled the planes.

Quantas clockA country and it’s business enterprises are like a marriage.  They have to support each other.  Running away  off shore with the secretary is not going to do any good.  Sometimes it is necessary for the wife to interfere and see if the books are in order.  In fact it is often mandatory.   wife's visit to the office

It is important that one hand

knows what the other is doing. To be complacent is not the answer now and it certainly wasn’t the answer then. We have a glorified view of life in the 50s and things were not always as they seemed.  In fact day care wasn’t even a business back then and often the children were left to a sitter who would put them in a pen and leave them to entertain  themselves. In other words they could be looked after just as well at home.  They didn’t need to be sent elsewhere.  child penThis was very common and these children didn’t seem to suffer overly from A.D.D.  So  what is the the solution to the troubles of today?  Can marriages be expected to stand the test of time leaving both sides equally happy with the contributions made by the other?  just say yesIs it really just a matter of give and take?  Be Positive!

© Hybiscus Bloom

  ( 27/2/2014 )

50s bride in tule


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