A Hollywood Hotel for scandal 1930s

Garden Of allah hotelaHollywoodpartyc1929

In the 1930s scandal was rife

Amongst Hollywood glitterarti

They  truly had a lust for life

Which was just one great big party

Bell hop


There was  ‘ The Garden Of Allah’

Where many grand affairs were had

Most often in a furnished  villa

Which really wasn’t half so bad


Lot’s of socialising  in and around the pool

Showing off the latest trends

Drinking to all hours until starting to drool

In the company of very good friends

reading at Garden of Alla


F. Scott Fitzgerald was there with his squeeze

With poor Zelda nowhere in sight

Conveniently labelled with a mental disease

She no longer was able to fight


Bacall and Bogie met and fell in love there

He was married and she was so young

It seemed they were destined and all was fair

They weren’t afraid to get sprung

Betty and Bogie

Nazimova who actually owned the place

Was once a star in silent film

Her marriage to Valentino  a disgrace

For she never could love him


Ronald Coleman and Douglas Fairbanks stayed

And even ate the dreadful food

But they survived and continued to play

Always in fairweather mood


So many others hung out by the pool

By the light of the silvery moon

To name them all would be too cruel

For they are gone too soon.

Garden Of Allah pool

© Renee Dallow ( Hybiscus Bloom )  12/3/2014


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