The kiss

MyrnaandWilliam Powell movingThere is so much more to the humble kiss

Than deciding on where and when

The romantic smooch is hard to resist

If you’re in the state of zen

The kiss of passion mixed with love

Can make you moan and groan

With the moon and the stars way above

Now invading your zone Robert Taylor & Vivienne Leigh

But it’s the movie kiss you really crave

With the sound of violins

Gable and Lombard 'No Man Of Her Own'If you  can achieve this then you are saved

And everybody wins

Then there’s a kiss that’s  just being polite

A familiar meet and greet

Sometimes merely a form of respite

Which can be bitter sweetWaterloo Bridge

The air kiss can be truly offensive

With the perpetrator fake

Hard not to be on the defensive

If  being kissed by a snake

The public peck on the other cheek

Is always just for show

Perhaps because they think you’re a geek

????????Or they just don’t want to know

And then of course there’s the Judas kiss

The ultimate betrayal

The intent behind it not easy to miss

You know that you’ve been nailed.

The kiss is also an accepted cultural device

In  countries near and far

Italians kiss twice and the French thrice

Before they know who you are

But the best kiss of all so many of you sayBacall and Bogart

Is when you play it for keeps

On your extremely expensive wedding day

When you love somebody heaps.

© Renee Dallow ( Hybiscus Bloom ) 19/3/14


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