To Snare A Millionaire


1:  Make sure your face is flawless and use only the best moisturisers so that you appear young and innocent. This is extremely important because a potential millionaire snare doesn’t really like a girl who can put two and two together.

Make - up

2:  Constantly toss your long golden locks when looking from side to side whilst appearing to be interested in what your potential millionaire snare is saying and at the same time checking out what else is on the menu.

Marylin on phone

3: Wear tailored clothes in the daylight hours and  soft evening gowns in pastel tones at night.  You want to compliment your millionaire snare without drawing attention away from him just in case you ruin a deal which may snare your millionaire even more lovely millions.

Decor and Bacall

4: Know your designer labels and where to find the best couture but never haggle the price. Always leave this up to your millionaire snare as you need to make him feel that he’s the one getting a good deal.

Millionaire couture

5: Spare no expense in making his home a castle in which you can live forever. Slowly but surely you must redecorate your millionaire snare’s lair with designer touches that will be the envy of all the wives of his business associates.  Always best to get the wives on side.

How To Marry A Millionaire

6:  Whiten your teeth or even get porcelain veneers  as your smile must be ready to wear at all times.  Do your chewing exercises morning and night or before important events so that when you smile you appear relaxed and authentic.  You will have to keep it up for long periods of time.


7: Don’t talk too much.  No – one really wants to hear what you have to say. The outfit you’ve chosen and the way you gaze up or down at your millionaire snare, depending on his size , when surrounded by his peers says it all.

older Men and Bacall

8: Learn how to walk in stilettos  no matter what the occasion.  A great tip is to cut a little off the heal of one shoe so that you’ll have a permanent sway when you walk.  This will ensure you millionaire snare will love you even back to front .  This trick was invented by Marilyn Monroe who knew all about millionaires.

Marilyn looks herself over

9: Attend botox parties preferably in luxury hotels where you can do meditation and take long spa baths whilst recuperating. Don’t tell your millionaire snare, however, just let him think that you are taking a little break from you hectic society schedule. Treat him mean ( sometimes ) and keep him keen.

Gable and Bacall - make up

10: Plan the wedding before he’s even popped the question so that all he has to do is attend,say his vows and pay the bill. This will be a huge relief to him because he’s going to spend all his spare time in the future keeping you in the manner to which you’ve become accustomed.


 © Renee Dallow ( Hybiscus Bloom ) 15/4/2014

( All stills from film ‘How To Marry A Millionaire’ )


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