The Art Deco Home

classic-art-deco-Art deco style is classic.  It is not one of the slave to fashion trends and therefore is not likely to end up on the local rubbish dump any time soon. deco ship shape People who furnish their home with art deco pieces know and appreciate what they have.  New York is famed for it’s art deco buildings notably the Chrysler building. Hollywood too is steeped in the deco style. Deco is simple and elegant in form and shape.  Often curved or fluted.  Walls of art deco homes were usually panelled or decorated with striking wallpaper. Sight lines were important  and there was much attention paid to the way objects d’art were grouped together. modern-art-deco diningart_deco china cabinet Hall tables were hugely popular and were usually set with tall glass vases in which were long stemmed flowers. Lillies looked incredibly elegant under chandeliers or hanging lights.  You may think that this look cannot possibly be achieved by those on a small budget or if you live in a tiny space but with careful planning anyone can create the look.

It is all in how you position your select furniture pieces which you may have found in an op shop or have lovingly restored.  Sofa in front of curtained window with mirrors on each side. living room art deco It’s all about balance.  Curved tub chairs with small glass coffee table in the middle creates the perfect finish.  Intimate grandeur.  It is possible to mix colours and patterns too.  Try wave patterns.  Avoid multi coloured objects though as one of the main features of art deco is subtlety. artdecokitchen Black and white with a silver lining is always a stylish choice.  Contrast this with your tasteful colour schemes and your soft curvy furniture pieces and you have deco.

© Renee Dallow

( Hybiscus Bloom )


Du Gaffe evening


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