Virginia Field

Virginia FieldBorn in England and educated in France Virginia Field began her  Hollywood film career  during the 1930s and her very first big budget film was for David O.Selznick the man who would later go on to produce ‘Gone With The Wind’.  virginia-fieldThe film was ‘Little Lord Fontleroy ”  Although she only really had a minor role in the film as the beautiful actress’ Miss Herbert’ she was certainly noticed.  She was signed to play various roles in the ‘Mr Moto’ detective series and her versatility put her firmly in the role of character actress.  For most of her work in Hollywood Field played supporting roles and was mostly cast as the other woman or friend of the leading actress.  Films included ‘ Captain Fury,’The Perfect Marriage’ and ‘Dream Girl’ to name a few. Linda-Darnell-Stephen-McNally-Virginia-Field-Lady-Pays-Off She was rarely given top billing even though her talents deserved it.  As an actress she had a loyal trust worthy quality which showed in the quiet inner strength portrayed by her characters.  This quality was most notable in ‘Waterloo Bridge’ with Vivienne Leigh and Robert Taylor in which she is both friend and confidante to Leigh’s fragile young ingenue.  Probably one of her most memorable film roles other than ‘Waterloo Bridge’  was one with a very ambitious plot line involving time travel and the chance to go back and fix mistakes. The film ‘Repeat Performance ‘starring Louis Hayward and Joan Leslie centres on a woman who kills her husband  on New Years Eve wishing she could turn back the clock so that the murder never took place.  Her wish is granted and she is able to go back in time and repeat the events leading up to the shooting.  The film stops short at the exact moment and the audience are left with the question of ….  Will she or won’t she do it again?  Virginia Field and Vivienne LeighField married three times and went on to play support characters for many years to come including pppearing in the Perry Mason series during the 1960s. Virginia Field ' Repeat Performance' Apparently Virginia Filed was someone who liked to tell it like it is and dished the dirt on some of her co – stars. Maybe this is the reason she was never able to make it to the top.  No room for truth in Hollywood eh!




© Renee Dallow ( Hybiscus Bloom ) 23/8/2014


“Oh so Hollywood”

Gabby Du Gaffe


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