Film Noir Trivia Quest


Orson Wells

1: In which of these three films did Claire Trevor star as a washed up Cabaret singer ?

double indemnity2A: ‘Borderline’ B: ‘Dead End’ C: ‘Key Largo

2: Which two of the above three films also starred Humphrey Bogart?

3: Which of these film noirs was directed by musical choreographer Busby Berkeley?

A: ‘Big Town’ B: ‘They Made Me A Criminal’ C: ‘Murder My Sweet’

4: Who starred in Berkeley’s film?

A: William Powell B: Edward .G. Robinson C: John Garfield?

5:   Which of these three films did not star Fred Mcmurray?

A: ‘Double Indemnity’ B:’Dead Reckoning’ C: ‘Above Suspicion’

above suspicion 3


6:  In ‘Above Suspicion” Joan Crawford and Fred Macmurray play a married couple who are also spies named …. 

A: Mr And Mrs Jones B: Mr And Mrs Smith C: Mr And Mrs Brown 





Joan Bennett and Edward .G.








7:  In which film does Virginia Field play a woman who kills her husband and wishes she could turn back time so that it never happened.  Her wish is granted but will she or won’t she do it again?

Duryea and Scott 'Too Late For Tears'



A: ‘The Imperfect Lady’ B:’Waterloo Bridge’ C: ‘Repeat Performance?

8:  In which film does Claire Trevor known as ‘The Queen Of Film Noir play a prostitute dying of consumption who happens to be the girlfriend of a character named ‘ Baby Face Martin’ played by Humphrey Bogart?

A: ‘Dead End’ B: ‘Borderline’ C: ‘Born To Kill’

9: Lizabeth Scott in ‘Too Late For Tears’ is a sweet housewife who finds bank rolls of money and wants to keep it.   When her husband he says he wants to inform the police she kills him.  What happens next?

A:  She is blackmailed by a man who witnessed the murder. B: She escapes to Palm Springs with all the Martha Iversmoney. C: She is arrested and sent to prison.Claire Trevor and Dick Powell 'Murder My Sweet'

10: Lizabeth Scott  starred with Barbara Stanwyck in which film …?

A: ‘Dead Reckoning B: Desert Fury C: The Strange Love Of Martha Ivers.

11: In which film noir  did Orson Wells play an ex nazi who finds solace in a small town where he marries well and becomes mayor?Annex - Scott, Lizabeth (Dead Reckoning)_02

A: ‘The Stranger’ B: A Touch Of Evil’ C: Citizen Kane.

12:  Scarlet Street is a sinister tale in which an artist is swindled by a young couple who mistake him for a wealthy Man.  The artist is played by…..

A: Humphrey Bogart B: William Powell C: Edward .G. Robinson

Virginia Field ' Repeat Performance'13:  Evelyn Keyes who starred as Scarlett O’hara’s younger sister in ‘Gone With The Wind’ Made many film noir films.  See if

you can complete the titles of three of these films

A: .. River …..  B:  …… O’clock  C: The …… that ……. New York

14: In one of the above films Keyes plays opposite Dick Powell who plays a casino owner framed for murder by the mob.  He is a member of a rival mob and is already wanted by police. Keys stands by her man?  Can you name the film?

15: ‘The Night Has a Thousand Eyes’ is the name of a song but is also the name of a very famous film noir that deals with the powers of predicting fate. What is the relevance of the title?

A: One of the main characters will die under the stars.  B. Athousand eyes will be watching as a murder takes place. C: The killer can only see at night.


'The Night Has A Thousand Eyes'

Have fun finding the answers to this quiz which you will find from reading various blogs on ‘bourgeoise   Bloomers.’ These include blogs on Lizabeth Scott , Claire Trevor, Evelyn Keyes, Virginia Field, Film Noir and poem’So The Night Has A Thousand Eyes’.  If you cannot find the answers I will endevour to cover them for you in future blogs.

Renee Dallow ( Hybiscus Bloom ) 5/11/2014







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