Vintage Hollywood Christmas


Holiday InnWe all dream of a white Christmas with Bing Crosby crooning, sleigh bells ringing and a Christmas tree that soars up high into the heavens glittering and gleaming with bright shiny baubles.
We dream of a 40s Christmas listChristmas where we run around throwing snowballs while building snowmen, where we line up Christmas stockings in front of a warm cozy fireplace or where we sneak out when everyone else is asleep to wrap up that secret gift in pretty paper tied with red and gold ribbons to hide under the tree. Miracle On 34th St We may all dream of this kind of Christmas yet many of us may never experience it.  There are those who just don’t celebrate it at all because it is not their thing and there are those who cannot either because they are alone, poor or homeless.

 In some cases this sort of Christmas is impossible because the weather is way too hot for snowmen like here in Australia.  Enter Hollywood.  Every year there are loads of Christmas themed movies which people love to go see so they can fuel themselves with the Christmas spirit.

janet-leigh-christmas There are not many, however, that can even come close to the classic vintage Christmas movies of old.  I speak of Judy Garland singing ‘Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas’ in ‘Meet Me In Saint Louis’, ‘Holiday Inn’ with Bing Crosby singing the iconic ‘I’m Dreaming Of A White Christmas’ or ‘Miracle On 34th Street’ with child star Natalie Wood setting out to prove that Santa Clause really exits.

miracleon34thstreetonesheetWhite Christmas Poster


Then there were the publicity photos of the stars promoting Christmas cheer and endorsing the must have products of the day. Miracle On 34th; Faith is ...... The magic of Christmas always seemed more so when when Hollywood jumped on board.  Christmas messages of love, faith, joy, hope and family togetherness were the Hollywood themes for the Christmas period back then.  Promoting the dream was the way people got through. Nancy Carol 1928


So let’s all dream a little eh and maybe the magic will come back.

©Renee Dallow ( Hybiscus Bloom ) 26/11/2014


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