Vintage Hollywood Christmas

Somehow Hollywood in the 1930s managed to out glamour glamorous.  We all wanted to be just like them.  They had style and gave us class.  That’s why we went to the movies.  To get away from the depression, from the drudgeries of every day life and from failed romances.  There was the gorgeous Jean Harlow who died at just 24 but made so many beautiful romantic films during her short time at the top.

Jean Harlow Christmas
Jean Harlow Christmas

There was the beautiful Carol Lombard who died young also in a plane crash whilst selling war bonds and was at the time married to Clark Gable.


 There was Joan Crawford who didn’t die young but went on and on and on forever finally winding up as a parody of her former self.

joan crawford

Of course we must also include her arch rival and my personal favourite ‘Bette Davis ‘ who also went on and on to parody herself .


Also there were the handsome leading men promising romance and honour amongst thieves.  They were good sorts who wanted nothing more than to look after their ladies of choice.  Showering them with all the good things of life.  In the movies that is.

Cary Grant and Christmas tree

Cary Grant shown here contemplating what to do with the pressies under the tree looke extremely dapper indeed.


 Clark Gable seen here with Joan Crawford dressed up in his best tuxedo.

Davis and Brent worded.

George Brent put up with a bit of Christmas cheer fromBette Davis whilst relaxing in front of the  fireplace.

James Stewart & Donna Reed

And James Stewart gave Donna Reed a smooch under the mistletoe.

Ah those were the days my friend

Du Gaffe pose


Gabby Du Gaffe


Renee Dallow ( Hybiscus Bloom ) 10/12/2014


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