Some vintage tips for Christmas Romance

carolsA kiss under the mistletoe is indeed romantic as is decorating the tree and wrapping gifts together.  A time to dress up in your best vintage number and really impress with your impeccable style.

Merry People

Christmas is great for new romance because everything is bubbly , bright and cheerful … right?  Well that’s what we all hope for but in reality Christmas can be a bit of let down to those whose expectations are a little too high.So play it cool.  Show your hearts desire how clever you are at entertaining.  This will go a long way to making him an ardent admirer with eyes for none but you.

Cool Christmas crowd

He will not be able to resist you provided you have made the Christmas cake, baked the Christmas turkey, set the table perfectly, wined and dined the guests, cleaned up the kitchen and made sure there is still some grog left for a nice tete a tete followed by ….. bells?

moonlight kiss



Bisous ma cheries!

Betty Bourgeoise



Renee Dallow ( Hybiscus Bloom ) 13/12/2014


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