Peace For Christmas

'Contentment' Parrish

Christmas is a time of peace when even during the first world war the soldiers on both sides of the trenches laid down their arms.  A time when all of us remember what is good in our lives and in our world.

'Daybreak' Maxfield Parrish

A time to dream of all the wonderful things that could be possible if we could channel positive energy and share it with those around us. In short it’s a time of magic.

The giving of presents is about exactly that … giving. It’s not about the gift.  Much time and thought goes into choosing, wrapping and packing of them. The days and weeks spent Christmas shopping are about socialising, compromising and harmonising. maxfield-parrish-girl-on-a-swing.jpgTogetherness is all. While not exactly peaceful this is all done in the anticipation of the joy Christmas Day will bring.  The smiling faces of children eagerly tearing at  the wrapping of gifts under the tree, the family members coming from near and far to feel the sense of belonging, the blending of generations past and present planning for the future.  When we celebrate Christmas we celebrate the earth,the heavens and the wonders of humanity.

We must pray for peace, for family and for the promise of better days.  We must love with as much love as we have in our hearts to give. We must find peace within for that is what brings peace all around.  The world is a beautiful place and we too are beautiful for that is the way we were made.  So let’s just all be as one in the beautiful harmony of Christmas and live with peace in our hearts.the-garden-of-allah 'Maxfield Parrish%22


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