Christmas Magic

christmas belleWhat is it that makes us want to do good deeds at Christmas? Well it’s supposed to be good will to all.  A time when families forgive their disfunctional behaviours and a time when friends connect over space and time.  It’s also a time when people really want to give and no matter how small the gift it means something to the person who receives it. Christmas war bonds Because it means that someone thought of them.  That’s why we send Christmas cards.  To let people know that they are in our thoughts.  Why can’t we be like this all the time?  If we were wouldn’t the world be a better place?  Well maybe but it wouldn’t be real.  Unfortunately we humans were made to make mistakes.  We are extremely complicated.  So forgiveness is usually very big at Christmas and is one of the best gifts you can give.  While you’re at it forgive yourself.

Make a list too of all the things you are grateful for.  If not your family or friends what about the beauty that is all around you?  The people that make up your community, the pets that love you unconditionally, the magic of Christmas lights or even for the stars themselves.  There is always something to be grateful for. Let’s focus on the good stuff.  Enjoy the magic Live It! Love it! Revel in it!

©Hybiscus Bloom 23/12/2014





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