Classic Christmas Film Tribute

'Since You Went Away' Jennifer JonesLove these old films especially in black and white. ‘Since You Went Away’ with Claudette Colbert,Shirley Temple and Jennifer Jones is about a single mum with two girls who takes in a surprising boarder into the house to make ends meet.  It’s war time and her husband is away on duty.  A real family film with alot of heart.


The Shop Around The Corner with James Stewart and Maureen O’sullavan is so good it was remade three times.  With Judy Garland in the 50s ‘Good Old Summertime’ and Meg Ryan in the 90s ‘You’ve Got Mail’.The film is about two loneley hearts who work in the same department store but actually can’t stand each other.  Each has a pen pal that they write letters to. The Shop around The Corner James Stewart and Margaret Sullivan Romance blossoms in these letters.  They do not realise that they are really writing the love letters to each other.  One night a blind date is arranged at the cafe in the shop around the corner.  Hence Sisters toast 'Gay Sisters'the title.


‘The Gaye Sisters’ with Barbara Stanwyck has her trying desperately to prevent the family home which she shares with her two sisters from being sold to developers after her parents die.  She is a divorcee with a son that her ex husband doesn’t know about yet it is to the ex that she must turn for help in saving the estate.  He’s a brilliant lawyer and charming to boot.  Played by the delectable George Brent.

‘I’ll Be Seeing You’ stars Ginger Rogers as state prisoner released on a good behaviour bond to her sister and brother in law for the Christmas period. 'I'll Be Seeing You' Ginger Rogers and Joseph Cotton. She meets a soldier on leave played by Joseph Cotton and naturally is afraid to tell him the truth.  These two are quite an intense pairing but the film works.


This one is not black and white but is totally worthy of being called a classic Christmas movie.  ‘All This and Heaven Too’ starring Rock Hudson and Jane Wyman.  A real weepie and terribly romantic.  It’s about a widow living in a lovely big house all alone in the lead up to Christmas who hires a gardener.  'All That Heaven ...' Jane Wyman and tree.The gardener is tall , dark and handsome Rock Hudson.  Gradually they begin to fall for each other which worries her neighbours and friends.  He’s not quite in their league. Romance for Hudson and Wyman Even her grown up children try to sabotage the relationship.


Silvery Moon‘By The Light Of The Silvery Moon’ Doris Day and Gordon MaCRae. A real boy meets girl,boy loses girl ,boy get’s girl movie.  Great for the whole family and also in full technicolour.  Doris plays a tomboy girl who loves climbing trees and fixing cars.  Her boyfriend finds her a little embarrassing. They have a fight and she flirts with someone else to make him jealous.  The plan is not fool proof, however, and their relationship becomes quite an obstacle course.

These are just a few but there are many many more not on this list. I’m adding some other classic movie stills here for you to look up over the holiday period.  Happy viewing to one and all.

Bette Davis in'Man Who Cam To Dinner' also with Anne Sheridan and Monty Wooley.

Bette Davis in’Man Who Cam To Dinner’ also with Anne Sheridan and Monty Wooley.


'It's A Wonderful Life' James Stewart and Donna Reed

‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ James Stewart and Donna Reed


'Christmas In Conneticut' Barbara Stanwyck and Frank Morgan

‘Christmas In Connecticut’ Barbara Stanwyck and Dennis Morgan


'Miracle On 34th Street'Maureen O'Harra,Natalie Wood and Edmund Gwynn as Kris Kringle.

‘Miracle On 34th Street’Maureen O’Harra,Natalie Wood and Edmund Gwynn as Kris Kringle.


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