Betty’s tips on how to Beguile In Style

jungle red nailsWell here it is a new year and a new you or maybe a newer version of the old you with a few nips and tucks here and there.  1950s lemon ang green bathroomSo what are you going to do this year to make the necessary improvements you need in your every day life?  Any ideas?  Well tell you what , I myself , was always partial to a splash of colour.  Give me bright yellow,orange and red mixed with rustic tapioca beige and lemon lime swirl.  Ah what a mix for an uptown girl.  Happy colours.  The colours of positive energy.  Oh and did I mention pink and black?  Also terribly chic! retro bath

It’s time to spruce up the bathroom so you can create your very own beauty parlour.  Your own special place to pamper and preen.  To make yourself over in style.  Pluck your brows into the perfect arch, colour your hair honey blonde, wild red or deep auburn brown.  How bout blue raven?  Hmmm …. very cool.  Anyway darlings don’t forget the lips.  Pucker up and apply your favourite shade of the latest colour trend. 5os dresser As for the lashes.  Make them lush so you can flutter them when he comes to call.  A nice thick mascara should do the trick.  Oh and don’t forget the liner.  It’s the Liz Taylor look.  And we all know what a celebrated beauty she was.  The when you are finished in your little beauty parlour you can move to that lovely boudoire decked out in cool blue … and pink of course.  Here you can sit at your pretty dresser in a lovely silken gown and spend forever brushing your newly dyed tresses.

Next it’s choosing what to wear.  Should you wear quirky,slinky or sensible?  High cut, low cut or in between?  Long , short or knee bees?  Tight, loose or flowy and showy? 50s Paris What a dilemma?  My advice is to go with the flow.  Wear what suits you not what everyone else is wearing.  You are yourself!  Unique in every way.  Oh and there’s no end to what you can achieve with the right accessories. Complement your outfit with a hat that sports just a touch of the colour of your chosen ensemble. Kiss me you fool In the evening ensure that you are wearing just the right touch of … No Way … No how….  I don’t ring a ding ding without the ring.  Stick to your guns and pretty soon he’ll be all yours.  If that’s your raison d’etre ma cher.

Varady Ill 52So let a little colour into your life and beguile them with your style.  Whether at home, out on the town or in the office you’ll make an impression.

Bisous! Betty Bourgeoise



Hybiscus Bloom 6/1/2015.


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