Doggie Valentines

Reading up on cats
“Ooh dem dirdy cats.”

Dogs love us unconditionally so be kind to your best friend and give him/her an extra special treat for Valentines Day.  Here’s a few suggestions …..

cafe dog
‘I’ll have what she’s having.”

A visit to the cafe for a puppychino.

A knitting bee.

Astor's knitting bee
” Nothing like a good knit to help pass the time.”
Star pooch and Frank Sinatra
” C’mon let me give you a leg up.”

A game of ‘Through The Loop’

” Swing Time for Dogs.”
Elizabeth washes her dog
” Now we get our hair washed.”

Bathtime Fun

Cary Grant & pooch
” Hmmm what was that line again? “

Story time.

Frank & scruffy play cards
” Beat that you blue eyed chizzler.”

A game of poka

jumpin Jack Russel
” This is joy jumpin jack style.”

The chance to jump for joy.

To sing with the piano man.

piano and Asta with Cary
“You got some warble pal.”

To research all about cats

And To  love you more than life itself.

” Love you too you red rover you.”

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