Bette Davis on Life,love and Losers

Quote bette-davisBette Davis was always my favourite because she was fiesty.  A great actress who could play almost any role and who would always give it her all. Bette Davis on Crawford Sometimes she was over the top but she was never  too little too late.  Here then are some great quotes from Bette who was sharp as a tack and never shy of speaking out. Bette and champaign She seemed to delight in playing bad girls and some of her best performances in films such as ‘ The Bad sister’ , ‘Dangerous’  ‘The Letter’ and ‘Of Human Bondage’ in which she was extra extra bad. bette-davis-quotes on life-2Bette Davis on men and marriage-jpg She was, however equally brilliant at melodrama ‘ Now Voyager’ and ‘All About Eve’ and in comedy ‘ The Man Who came To Dinner’ and ‘June Bride’. Bette-Movie-Quotes-bette-davis- Her film s are too numerous to mention as they were of every genre including Horror in which Bette became a parody of the parody that she’d created of herself. Bette Davis on revenge Think ‘Baby Jane’. Amongst my favourites would have to be ‘ Dark Victory’, ‘Old Aquaintance’ and ‘The Old Maid’. Bette Davis and Oscar drinks All made with co star ‘George Brent’.   Bette was nominated oran Academy Award ten times and won twice. Bette-Davis-quotes She is known as one of the greatest actresses of all time.  Bette did not mince words and she while she did not exactly age gracefully she at least aged truthfully.Bette Davis on old age

Renee Dallow

( Hybiscus Bloom. ) 20/2/2015.



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