Gif Movie moments

I love gifs.

Cary 'Arsenic and old lace'Cary Grant sceptic







Why?  Mainly because it says so much in a nano second and therefore is short and sweet.  Cary Grant in ‘Arsenic And Old Lace’ certainly had the gift for the gif. Cary Arsenic:Old Lace Cary and Priscilla kissSee if you can guess what’s going on.







Ava Gardener gets tough


Then there’s the divine Ava Gardener who needs no words to convey the message.Ava bats those eyes







Always the exotic temptress whether playing black jack in the casino, a beautiful Anglo Indian girl trying to escape her culture or a real live heavenly creature in ‘Pandora’s Box.’Ava seduces



Bette Davis on revengeMy favourite as always though is Bette Davis.Bette on sentiment


Those eyes could cut with a knife, drown you in their sorrow or force you to confess your deepest darkest secrets without a second thought.bette and champers









Gable and drink 'Red Dust'Clark Gable, probably the most famous he man in Hollywood, was as perfect in repose as he was in full fight.  So much said with so much passion in his moments of truth.Clark Gable50tumblr 'Call Of The Wild'gif.




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