1950s CEO Wife

What is the definition of a 1950s C.E.O. wife?  To support her important hubby of course. First she waves goodbye as he drives off in his lovely silver grey ford fiat.Aussie back yard 50swife's visit to the office Next she visits him at the office and checks up on his dealings with the ‘secretary’.  Once she is convinced all is on the up and up …. for the time being she’s off to shop for supplies. Hmmm what would he like for dinner?  She decides to stock the fridge with choice. A gorgeous new Kelvinator fridge, of course.kelvinator  After dinner she must glam up for after hours.moonlight kiss Who knows maybe he’s up for promotion.  The C.E.O. of C.E.O.s.  There’s that darn secretary again.  Ah well there’s always tomorrow morning when a good bowl of “brand flakes’ will make him remember  who’s boss.

Varady Ill 52bran flakes


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