Fred and Ginger: Total perfection

Fred and Ginger 'Fleet'All one needs is short dose of Fred and Ginger to learn what real dancing is all about.  As a viewer of the t.v. phenomenon ‘Dancing With The Stars’ I think it’s a good idea to get myself a small dose of real ‘reality’. Fred and Ginger %22 I'm in love with you%22 Let’s face it none of these so called ‘Stars’ are anywhere near the calibre of Fred and Ginger or can ever hope to be.  Even the great Michael Baryshnikov was a Fred Astaire lover.  I don’t know , however, if Baryshnikov ever had a partner to equal Ginger.  A superb comedienne Ginger was a major talent all on her own and a brilliant foil for Fred  It was said that he gave her class and she gave him sex.Fred and Ginger hand kissFred and Ginger mirror Their movies were really just fantasy romance and the plots were quite ridiculous but their dancing …. oh such dancing …. was sublime.


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