New Years Bliss

New York flirtWhat to do for New Year when you feel out on a limb and either have no parties to go to or have plenty of invites but just prefer to stay home. Well there are so many things to do. Not only do we need to say goodbye to the old but we also need to say a big cheerful hello to the new.  Walter Baumhofer 1950s kichFirst look back at all the things that went wrong in the year that’s been and make peace with yourself and with those you may find difficult to forgive.  This is tough but we need to reflect and move on if we are to be in a good state to welcome in the new year. Next send your love to those who have passed over and are no longer with you in person.  Feel their presence and if you feel only love for them that is what you will receive in return. Next give to yourself only and smother yourself in fragrant oils, decorate your home with the things you love, surround yourself with photos of friends, family and pets and finally light a candle and meditate.1940s porch After you have meditated and feel relaxed make yourself a yummy snack or even a meal, and sip on the martini which you have just created. Put your feet up , turn on the tele and watch an old movie.  For this ambience to work it is imperative that you turn off your mobile phone. Something funny or romantic. Gaysisters Stanwyck A drama is O.K. too but nothing too heavy.  At midnight while you are watching the fireworks either on tele or from your house make your resolutions.  See how some fireworks evaporate and others disperse?  Well think of all your old worries and fears evaporating and all your hopes for the future dispersing and becoming part of the universe.  Remember the universe always gives back.  romance for betty bourgeoiseThen half an hour before you prepare for bed draw something, make a collage from photos or write a little poem. Do this by hand.  Forget about the computer for one night. cropped-hollywood-canteen-ticket1.jpgPlace it somewhere visible so that on New Years Day you will know that you made New Years Eve count and you will make the New Year count.  Because you count.  This is the secret to New Year Bliss.


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