‘The Past Tense Of Youth’ on ‘Blurb’

Past Tense Cover PageYes I have written a novel. What is it about? Well it is, of course, set in another era.  The glamorous era of the 1930s to be exact.  plans for the futureDinner parties, glamorous gowns and glamorous locations.dinner party1930s bride

The story begins in the courtyard  of an ancient palace with a young bride being lured back in time by a mysterious song.  then moves back to the Hydro Majestic Hotel in ‘Medlow Bath ‘Blue Mountains’ Australia where she first met the man she would marry.

Seule dans la jardin cover A beautiful setting for two beautiful people from different cultural backgrounds to fall in love.  The couple   married on the grounds of the bride’s stately home in Cumbria England and are in the third week of their honeymoon in a distant land.  The land where the groom was born.  Istanbul Turkey.

The palace is ‘Topkapi Palace’ the seat of the Ottoman Empire and the young bride has just left a guided tour in order to explore the harem quarters which are off limits to tourists.cropped-topkapi-palace  It is here that the story begins to twist and turn as the reader is taken back to 1908 into the days of concubines and favourites in the last days of the Ottoman Empire and then involved in a  scurrilous love affair between a gypsy and handsome soldier who looks remarkably like the groom who is still on a tour of Topkapi Palace.gypsey in repose While he is trying to find his wife she is trying to find out why the gypsy has lured her back in time and why her husband  does not recognise her.  This is actually only the first half and if you would like to find out what happens you can purchase the novel from ‘Blurb Books’.  Just google the title and you’ll find it.Through the window Apart from being a romance my novel is also a mystery.  I have tried to evoke a film noir style of writing.  Happy Reading.

© Renee Dallow ( Author. )

30s couple Emma


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