Streep out of Africa

We know what she means?  Meryl Streep is speaking out on behalf of diversity in Hollywood at The Oscars. According to Meryl we all came from Africa originally.But even if we did all start from the same place does that mean we were all given the same evolutionary tenure?Hattie Mcdaniel speaks

Definitely a loaded question. Let’s look at the black stars of Hollywood who have been acknowledged for their amazing contributions.

Shirley and Bo 3 Shirley and Bo in colour

Lena Horne

They are but a handful but oh what amazing talent.  Bo Jangles, Hattie Macdaniel and the incredible Lena Horne.  All typecast of course with Hattie generally playing the tough talking house maid with the heart of gold and Bo Jangles the dancing butler.   Hattie actually won an oscar and was the first black actress to do so. Lena Horne was at least given solo numbers but was not given main roles despite the fact that she looked a million bucks and could sing up a storm as well as any white studio star.Therese Harris and Stanwyck friendsTherese Harris-' Baby Face'; jpg

As was the case with Therese Harris who did manage to co star with Barbara Stanwyck in ‘Baby Face.’

Then there was the gorgeous Dorothy Daindridge and Harry Belefonte who even starred together in ‘Carmen Jones’

Dandridge and harrybelafonte Carmen Jones

There was Sammy Davis Junior and Sydney Poitier both trail bazers for very different reasons.  The former being skilled in all the performing arts bar none and the latter being devastatingly handsome and so very real on the screen that the audience hung on his every move and every word.  Now there are so many more who are deserving of the accolades but who are still being overlooked.  C’mon Hollywood it’s all  there in black and white really.

Porky and Bess Dorothy DandridgeSidneyPoiterwithOscar



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