A Susan Hayward Hail To Hillary Clinton

make up Susan HaywardIn the 1950s Susan Hayward made a film , ‘Ada’ 1961,with Dean Martin, believe it or not, in the role as governor. Susan Hayward played his First Lady.  A First Lady with a past. 01-Susan-Hayword A past which she makes no attempt to hide and this is why the newly elected governor marries her. He recognises her grit and determination and admires her for her courage. Ambitious Ada Turns out he was pretty clever in his choice of bride and she does indeed make a worthy power partner.  In fact she is so good at being First Lady that the governor’s office become’s wary of her.adaHayward as Ada After all the governor is just there to sign papers and do what he’s told.  The last thing those working alongside him want is a man who thinks for himself and asks questions about the way the office is run. Let alone a First Lady who challenges the status quo at every turn and is not afraid to stand up for what is right. ada When she demands to be sworn in as Lieutenant Governor and there is an attempt on her husband’s life the gloves are off.  Of course they try to tear her down by bringing up her past and exposing her in the media but even this she manages to rise above.  Ada's GovernorShe become’s acting governor while her husband recuperates in hospital, sacks the trouble making office staff, and maintains her dignity.  Now we all know Hillary did not have a past that she needed to cover up. Her husband was the one in the naughty corner. On the contrary she should have been shouting about her achievements to the roof tops. Hillary and Bill Hillary is responsible for so many firsts that it beggers belief. She is a powerhouse for social justice, women’s rights, and better conditions for all in health and education.  Bill Clinton as Governor of ArkensawShe even refused Bill Clinton more than once when he proposed marriage for fear she would lose her identity and therefore the ability to advocate for change. Yet she campaigned for him, finally married him and forgave him his indiscretions. Yes she is power hungry but it is power for the good.  Come on women you should be applauding her merits and supporting her belief in your rights to be treated as equals. hillary-clinton Maybe she is not perfect but who is?

Hillary Clinton is still a Winner.


© Hybiscus Bloom.



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