A Film Noir Saga

She waited alone on the doorstep.  A tattered suitcase her only friend.Annex - Scott, Lizabeth and cases

Just waited for someone to blame.

Annex - Scott, Lizabeth (Dead Reckoning)_01

He came toward her from out of the dark and somehow she knew his name.

Annex - Scott, Lizabeth (I Walk Alone)_01

She knew that he was on the run.Annex - Scott, Lizabeth

But that he did not care who knew.

Annex - Scott, Lizabeth (Dead Reckoning)_02

She also knew she loved another and he was running too.'Dark City' Lisabeth Scott

But this one had a wife just as lovely as she.


Maybe this other woman had the other key …..

Annex - Bacall, Lauren (Big Sleep, The)_03

Or maybe the man in the dark, the man with the name …

Lanchaster 'Sorry Wrong Number' phone

had called in yet another dame …

Film noir Lanchaster & Gardiner

She glammed herself up, put a smirk on her face…

Lizabeth Scott publicity

Then simply vanished without a trace.


A tribute to Lizabeth Scott, Lauren Bacall, Humphrey Bogart, Burt Lanchaster and Ava Garner.  Film stills from ‘Dark City’, ‘Dead Reckoning’, ‘To Have and To Have Not’ and  ‘The Killers’

Story teaser by Wanda Way Awrf

1940s lavender

© Renee Dallow




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