Ladies In Red


Bette Davis wore red in ‘Jezebel’  , the role she was given to compensate her for losing out on playing Scarlett Ohara in ‘Gone With The Wind’.Scarlett in red 'Jezebel' in red
crawford-The Bride Wore Red'Joan Crawford wore red in the film ‘The Bride Wore Red’ and replaced Louise Rainer, a two time oscar winner, who should have worn the gown.
Red -audrey-hepburn-'Sabrina'Audrey Hepburn wore red in ‘Sabrina’ for a modelling jaunt and Jean Harlow sizzled in red  way before Marilyn Monroe.

Jean Harlow 'That Red Dress'marilyn Monroe in red








As a matter of fact red was worn only to reveal that a character was daring or , dare we say, not exactly demure enough to fit into respectable society.  Scarlett and Jezebel certainly had that in common both wearing red to the ball in order to shock respectable people. Harlow and Monroe were both cast as vamps with who were really kind hearted innocents who had not had it easy in life and wore red to gain the attention of those in the money.

Gene Tierny in redA little difficult to see Joan Crawford as an innocent though.  Yet she wore the stunning red gown for exactly the same reason. To snare the millionaire. Gene Tierney looked amazing in red with purple sash and Claudette Colbert in ‘Palm Beach Story simply rocked it. Even Lauren Bacall looked magnificent in red.Bacall in red Red ' Cobert in 'Palm Beach Story'But I think the one who really carried it off to full effect was Cyd Charisse in a dance number from ‘Band Wagon’  In this case more costume than gown but with that figure and that face she could have got away with it anywhere.






How very Chic.

Betty Bourgeoise






Betty Bourgeoise.



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