Marilyn Monroe: Diamond Of Hearts

It would have been Marilyn Monroe’s 90th birthday today. Marilyn Monroe philosophy
Would she ever have made it if she hadn’t overdosed that fateful night?  Who knows?  The queen certainly did but then again the queen was never insecure about her role in life and certainly never took those beastly sleeping tablets.gentlemen-prefer-blondes-marilyn-monroe-02_large_0Well, not that we know of.  What on earth leads one to make any connection whatsoever between Marilyn and the queen you may ask?  I must admit it is a little outrageous. Marilyn looks herself overBut like the queen and like Diana , whom the queen did not like at all, Marilyn was a queen of hearts. Marilyn actually met the queen though when she made ‘The Prince And The Showgirl’ with Sir Laurence Olivier.Marilyn-Monroe-meets-Queen-Elizabeth-II-London-1956-queen-elizabeth-ii-33199015-766-511 Apparently Olivier did not appreciate her talent at all until after he saw the film and then was enamoured by her inspired performance.  After all He had his own ‘Queen Of Hearts’ in Vivien Leigh ( Scarlett O’Hara ) who also died tragically though not so young as Marilyn.Marilyn 'Prince and Showgirl' I guess it was really the difference between diamonds and pearls. Marilyn certainly knew which of these precious gems men most associated with her.The-Prince-and-the-Showgirl-the-prince-and-the-showgirl-33050196-245-245

Marilyn Prince and showgirlMarilyn 'Prince and The Showgirl'

Marylin was every one’s darling but she would never become what she aspired to be. A jewell in the crown.Marilyn-Monroe inspects the diamonds



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