Vintage Hollywood Candids

I have neglected this blog for a while mainly because I am at present working on another book.  I do have two vintage Hollywood books out at present. ‘Hollywood Dreamers And Schemers’ with Joan Crawford on the cover and ‘One Small Step-One Giant Leap’ with the lovely Gene Tierney.

Joan in a fluted black and white figure hugging gown this time in the centre of a revolving door.

Both books feature stars of the thirties and forties in scenes from their films with captions underneath. You can find them listed on ‘Amazon’ and on ‘Blurb Books’ Just google the titles.  Anyway I also have a facebook page ‘Vintage Movie Star’ which features mostly candid shots of vintage Hollywood stars at play.

I thought I would do a blog with just candids adding a little information on each for your further research just for fun. Always interesting to find out who was related, married or had an affair with who. For example Judy Garland and Micky Rooney were forever friends. Judy and Micky at MGM school learn Spanish1946-ava GardenerHe would go on to marry Ava Gardener when Judy turned him down.  Shirley struggled to make it in films as an adult where Judy thrived. Shirley laughsShirley did, however,  make some good teen movies  like ‘Honeymoon’.Shirley Temple in 'Honeymoon Shirley was to be teamed up with Garland and Rooney in three fims but the studio decided to pull her out as they were afraid that Judy and Micky would upstage her and ruin her comeback.
Ava and Micky RooneyMickey, of course, was unstoppable and would go on to star in may great films as well as marrying many more times. His films would include ‘National Velvet’ with Liz Taylor. Yep that’s Liz with the dog in the tub.
He and Ava didn’t work out and she went on to marry Frank Sinatra. Judy and Frank performed on stage together many time . Shirley also made a film with Frank Sinatra in 1963 called ‘The Victor’ It was a small world back then eh?ava and Frank


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