Recipes and Recitations


 Hark, bark, the dogs bark…

The beggars are coming to town


 Some in rags

And some in tags

Ann Savage GIs candid WWII

And some in silken gowns




Some gave them white bread

And some gave them brown

Kestos 3

And some gave them a good horse-whip

42nd street

And sent them out of town!!


(Kate Greenway, 1881)

My blogs are focused on events of history.  Some important and some trivial but always leaning to the left. Expect to look into fascinating old places like grand hotels, cool cafes and hollywood haunts as well as coffee bean plantations and houses of parliament.  Also interested in people who have achieved greatness in delivering to the world things from which we can benefit including films, politics, art, architecture, food, coffee and false nails.  Recipes and recitations will focus on all these things comparing the past to the present. Sometimes it’s also interesting to look at life from a dogs eye view.

© Renee Dallow ( Hybiscus Bloom )

Asta on stool


hibiscus deco frame

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