Life In The 1930s with Gabby De Gaffe

wringer:dryer & vacuumIn the 1930s life was tough.  There was a depression on you know.  Food queues that went on for miles and even then you weren’t guaranteed your rations. 1930s toaster We made do , however , and got on with life as best we could.  Just like the girls of today we dreamed of having all the best home appliances and a nice fancy kitchen to show off. Vacuum cleaners, washing machines, ice boxes, electric ovens, steam irons and radios to listen to while we did the housework.

We even had telephones.  On the weekends we went to the movies or watched slides at home.  I guess we were really happy though because we didn’t know any different.  Our plans were all about getting married and settling down.  We were pretty domesticated.  We liked to cook for dinner guests using all the latest electrical appliances. We had it all.  1930s ironWe dressed for dinner and expected our guests to do the same. We wore hats and gloves when we went out. This was because we believed in etiquette.

1930s fashion

The movies were a little different, however, especially in the early 1930s during the pre code era.  On the big screen we were treated to extra marital affairs between big corporate bosses and good time girls and no good gangsters with chiselling gold digger types.Ah but the movies were glamorous and they certainly dressed better than we did. Their hair was always perfectly curled and coiffed. Not a hair out of place even when dancing up  storm in a Busby Berkeley extravaganza. In general we cared about appearance. Just look at all those magnificent art deco buildings.  All those magnificent curves and led light windows.  You can almost hear those buildings speak.  If they could what would they say?  Just like us girls they might be thinking …” We had faces then.”

 Those were the days!


Du Gaffe

 Gabby De Gaffe



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