The art of writing:


SONY DSCTalking about the art of writing is in itself an art.  Where does one start?  Well the first thing you need is an idea and then you need to know why the idea is important not only to you but to others.  You need to know how to develop the idea from beginning, middle to end with stops, starts and pit falls along the way.  Writing is like a journey along a bumpy road.  There are many forks in the road that have to be negotiated too.  When I write I am obsessed with my idea. If it is a play I am writing my characters will not leave me alone until I have written their next line and if it is a story the plot continues to ask me questions for which I am obligated to find answers.  They say writing is lonely.  This is true if you are a person who is in need of constant social stimulation.  It is not true if you believe 100 percent in what you are writing.  For if you believe your idea you become it.  You are your characters, your plots, your scenarios.   So if you really want to write try to write something that you are passionate about. Be true to the written word and it will be true to you.  Love your characters as you would your children.  They are your creations.  If you love them others will love them too.

© Renee Dallow ( Hybiscus Bloom ) 17/8/2014 




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